Preventing Workplace Injuries with Pre-Hire Testing

Nov 14

A functional capacity assessment (FCA) helps determine a person’s present functional capacity and ability to perform certain tasks, particularly those that are directly related to their present job. It essentially evaluates a person’ ability to engage in a certain work, though other evaluations could cover for instrumental everyday activities that support the work performance. The process of functional capacity assessment measures the person’s health status and body functions and build to the needs of the work and the environment, and present tests also evaluate the person’s mental and psychological levels if they are needed.

A worker who has been injured following a workplace accident can return to work after they have taken the FCA. It is important to take the FCA before going back to work because it will ensure that you are fit to come to work, and possibly assist and train possible upgrades if necessary. The FCA can be used an inherent part of the return to work (RTW) plan.

Those who have been injured in a workplace accident can be covered by their workers’ compensation. Every state has their own rules regarding workers’ compensation, and companies are generally required to carry them in case of workplace accidents. If you have issues regarding the awarding of worker’s compensation, you can consult with the Williams Kherkher Lawyers who will help you know your options. If your employer refuses to pay for worker’s compensation, you have the option of filing for a personal injury claim but this will forfeit your right to worker’s compensation. Make sure you talk with your lawyer and discuss your options clearly to avoid further problems with your company.

The functional capacity assessment can help an injured worker in a number of ways. Aside from being a proof of being able to return to work, it can also help in possible employment and work options if you have been determine to be unable to return to your former work due to injury restrictions.

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