Making a pitch for your metal roofing

Oct 28

Today, many contractors are harnessing the power of technology to make everything seamless. According to the website of Hamlin Tree Care CRM software could help contractors track their bids and sales for their busiest products. But although tracking everything about your bestsellers should be the main point of your business, you need to find ways on how to package your less marketable products to make it appealing for your potential customers. This way, you are maximizing not just your chart-topper products, but also those that are being quite left behind.

One of the most hard-to-sell products in the roofing industry is metal roofing. According to Statefarm, there are certain things about metal roofs that tend to shy away people from installing it on their homes. As a roof expert, one thing you can do to help your customers see how a metal roof can benefit them by breaking their misconceptions about it.

Metal roofs are more prone to lightning strikes

This is a big no! Scientifically, lightning strikes the highest object in a specific area. Trees, antennas, communication towers, and electric poles are more likely to be hit by a lightning first than a metal roof. However, if ever a lightning should strike a metal roof, its full metal body would be able to disperse the current across the structure, making everything below it safe, including you.

Metal roofs are too loud

Although making a metal roof entirely sound proof is a completely impossible project, there are many different ways on how to minimize its noise into a level that it is almost inaudible. For instance, installing a solid sheathing and felt can help reduce metal roof noise. Choosing standing seam metal roofs over corrugated metal roofs may also reduce noise-producing vibration.

Metal roofs are more prone to rusting

This is a complete no. Nowadays, metal roofs are coated with substances, such as zinc, aluminum, or a combination of both, to protect from rusts. Also, metal roofs are coated with paint to add an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

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