What Does it Mean to Have Your Criminal Record Expunged?

Oct 18

Rehabilitating one’s reputation after being charged of a crime can prove to be a challenging experience. Even after you’ve served all your legal penalties and obligations, it’s unlikely that your community will feel comfortable with your criminal record. Separating yourself from these preconceived notions can be difficult, considering how much it can affect your ability to start over and seek out better opportunities for yourself. Fortunately, in such situations, Texan law provides an option to have your records cleared.

The legal process of getting one’s criminal record cleared of certain events is referred to as expunction or expungement. To put it simply, filing for expunction basically means petitioning to have a criminal charge or, barring certain circumstances, conviction cleared from your records. The process of expunction is delineated in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. It requires filing your petition to a district court where the arresting offense is said to have taken place. With the court’s approval, record of your criminal charge or conviction will no longer be available to the general public, saving you from any prejudice you might face from future employers and the like.

Not everyone will be eligible to have an item from their criminal records cleared or expunged. Generally, expunction is an option saved for individuals that were arrested, charged, but never convicted of a crime. Individuals convicted of a Class C, fine-only misdemeanor also qualify for expunction. Other individuals that may qualify for expunction depending on the specific details of their case include those wrongfully convicted of a crime, those acquitted of a crime, those that received pardoned convictions, and certain juvenile offenders.

Dallas record clearing attorneys of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter emphasize the immeasurable benefits of having a clean criminal record, so you should take every necessary step to ensure that you aren’t forever living in the shadow of your past. To ensure that your expunction petition is a success, it would be best to contact criminal law experts for their legal counsel.

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