Mechanical Defects and Motorcycle Accidents

Jan 10

There are many instances where the cause of serious motorcycle accidents baffles the casual onlooker. The weather is fine, the road smooth, there are no dangerous obstructions or blockages, and no other vehicle involved. In such cases, mechanical defect may have been the culprit.

When a car breaks down due to a mechanical defect, in many cases the driver simply suffers a ton of inconvenience and lets loose a lot of curses before calling a towing service. When a motorcycle breaks down, the only thing that is let loose is the operator.

Motorcycles are very unstable and unsafe vehicles to operate if they are even slightly defective. There are many moving parts in a motorcycle, and when even one gives way at high speeds it can lead to what car accident lawyers describe as “devastating injuries that affect a motorcyclist physically, emotionally, and financially.” A loose nut, a defective tire, or a slipped chain; one of these is all it takes for an accident to occur. When a motorcycle part is defective, the operator does not often get advanced warning which may have prevented the accident.

The mechanical defect may be due to human error, such as the incorrect installation of a part or the failure to tighten all screws. It could be a manufacturing defect, in which a part fails unexpectedly or causes other parts to fail. It could also be due to a supplier’s negligence for knowingly selling a defective part such as tires. In any of these cases, the motorcycle operator is not at fault and may justifiably bring civil action against the service company, manufacturer, supplier, or all three depending on the circumstances. On the other hand, the mechanical defect of another vehicle that causes a motorcycle accident may also be the cause. In which case, the other driver may be absolved of liability and both parties may sue the appropriate parties for compensation.

Cases involving mechanical defects are often complex and require the testimony of expert witnesses to explain it in terms a jury will understand. A mechanical defects lawyer in your area will have the resources to put together a viable personal injury case for victims of motorcycle accidents.

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