Simplification: The Simple Way to Solve Your Mineral, Gas, and Oil Rights

Aug 26

Im often asked about the easiest way to get money up front and without all the legal complexities when oil, gas, or minerals are found on a persons land. This is often the most pressing question the owners have, and while Im happy to help, it would make my life much easier to put the answer down in a post here so that I can simply send them here instead of fielding the questions individually.

So, without further ado, to all those who are holding onto mineral (or oil or gas) rights and who want a simple and fast way to unload them without years of delay, the answer to your dilemma is simple: simplification.

For those who want a great explanation of how this works, look at this page from The Mineral Auction. But, to summarize: the best way to potentially maximize profit from your land is through a long process that involves conditional sales and a lot of waiting and hoping. This will involve lots of delays as your land is explored and the potential for disappointment in the end. If you have no immediate financial concerns and youre willing to play the long game with its higher stakes, then, you dont need to be reading this.

There are also some out there who for whatever reason just choose not to sell at all. Some of these people dont want to give up their land. Others want to try to wait out for a better economic moment (although what kind of economy theyre dreaming of, I dont know). Others still want to sell, but they just dont know how. For those first two groups mentioned in this paragraph, forget it. Stop wasting your time reading this. But for that last group, the following paragraphs are really for you. You dont have to sit around, stuck with a winning lottery ticket because you cant figure out how to cash it. The solution is right here.

If youre looking to get out quickly and enjoy the benefits of that sale of your land, there is a process called simplification. Here, you basically sell your rights all up front, getting money and avoiding all the risk that comes with the long wait.

Thats pretty much it. Simplification, as the name suggests, really is simple. But Id also advise, as a word of caution, that those who are interested in this consider finding a mineral rights broker. In fact, regardless of how you pursue using or selling your rights, getting a broker is an excellent idea.

Heres the thing: if youve got rights to sell, you are, no matter what, a pretty lucky person. You can choose how to cash in on your luck any way you want. You can try to play it out smart and make the most of your luck, or you can cash in immediately and walk away financially secure for life.

Theres no right or wrong answer, but dont let the difficulty of selling keep you from getting something out of your rights. If it all seems too big, too complex, and too long-term for you, just choose simple with simplification.

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